Esoteric Jahanism

Sermons of the Prophet Jahans

We have found Esoteric Jahanism is the original religion of humanity. We have done our research. Esoteric Jahanism is based upon the ancient religions that predated Judaism and Christianity from hundreds to thousands of years.

We take our tenets and practices directly from Alexander himself.  For far too long, enemies of Jahans such as the Christian churches have been at liberty to dictate lies concerning Alexander and Esoteric Jahanism.  These lies have been the foundation of occult crimes and other heinous acts that they indirectly promote.  True Jahanism has been actively and zealously suppressed for centuries and many out of ignorance believe lies about Jahans and react accordingly.


Esoteric Jahanism is a life loving religion. Jahans accepts us as we are, but guides us to advance ourselves to where we evolve to a higher level.  Esoteric Jahanists are free to live their lives as they choose- responsibility to the responsible.  We live by natural law and encourage everyone to develop themselves to their fullest extent.

Discord - 08/09/16

Discord - 09/09/16

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