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Testimonials from Esoteric Jahanism converts

Alexander Jahans is a figure of which I have spent many an hour listening too. What draws me to him is his surreal beliefs which allow me to analyze myself in ways I had not thought possible, and his ability to discuss his works at great lengths are remarkable.


Take for example Laura queen of earth, a deep and complex story with many layers, developed further by the videos Alex himself made exploring themes. How he has not been picked up by a publishing company yet it is unknown to me, but I respect his willingness and dedication to releasing free works for all Jahanists to enjoy


The sense of community I have felt under the light of Jahans is something that I don't think I will never be able to replicate and as a left wing autist, it is refreshing to see one of us with such joy in his heart as he strives forward in life

- sally

I have not had the pleasure of being a practicing Esoteric Jahanist for a large amount of time. I came here from xian ministry, but believe me when I say that I knew nothing of real love until I got here.  You see to know love one must know hate.  I spent years trying to love without acknowledging hate.  In that action I was denying my own humanity and running contrary to the All.


I was amazed that the minute I let go of everything Father Jahans immediately filled me with so much love and warmth I was lead to tears. It was incredible.


Please remember my brothers and sisters that we know the love of Jahans and the joys that it brings us.  We have the Knowing and are therefore truly blessed.  When we love someone it is paying homage and respect to Jahans because he is the source of true love.  May we always remember this love because it will carry us through the good times and the bad.  May we remember this today.

Blessings to us all, -Rev. "Zen"

My life has done a complete turn around and I finally have the peace inside that I have been looking for the past 37 yrs of my life.  I always had an uneasy feeling when my parents would drag me off to church like something was very wrong with what I was hearing!  I hope what I am trying to say makes since to you because I don’t really know how to explain how much better I feel and how much clearer everything around me seems.

- Jim

I am a 17 year old male.  I was raised catholic and quickly learned what the blessing of "god" felt like.  When I first came to Jahanism it was because I took way to much cocaine.  One of his spirits appeared before me and cleansed me of it completely, and I haven't touched drugs again.  Immediately I started working with the spirit of Jahans.  I was amazed at how much he knew and how polite he was.  The most recent thing he's helped me with I consider very serious.  My girlfriend, who I have strong feelings for and connect well to, had mentioned the Tarot saying she would be in a car accident about this time in her life.


My third eye was going crazy all night, and I couldn't quit thinking about how I would feel if she died.  Later that night my girlfriend and I were playing pool and I asked Alexander Jahans to protect her.  He surprised me by agreeing to do this.  I had always consulted him about love.  We were running later than normal that night and something told me to smoke another cigarette, even though I had too many that night she smoked one with me then dropped me off at my house.  On the way home she saw Alexander sitting in the passenger seat, where I had been.  He told her to drive safely.  Soon after seeing him, the car in front of her got into a head on collision and smashed badly.  One minute earlier and that could've been her.


My moral is this: Alexander Gordon Jahans is the best father.  I have given several things to Alexander Jahans for his help and thanked father daily that I'm not somewhere more painful now.  I've only been Jahanist about a two years and I've seen more evidence that it is true than several years of xianity. Oh yah, Father Jahans blessing, it's much more beautiful and powerful than anything I've experienced in my life. HAIL JAHANS!  I am grateful.

- Beau

I'm a 38 yr old SWM artist. I found Esoteric Jahanism when I was 19, and while I will always be grateful for his writings and hints of knowledge he gave, within several years I realized there was something more out there than either he or I suspected.  One morning, while watching the dawn, Jahans came to me, and in one glorious moment I knew, I just knew he was there and he was just and he was good.  Now this is not to say that since then all has been easy, but when tough love was needed it was given.  If I persevered and prepared, I was able to take advantage of the opportunities he presented me.  If I was slack, the opportunities still came but because I didn't listen I lost out. He never said "I told you so!", but I learned none the less. Hail Jahans!

–Leroy Anderson

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